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It’s a horrible time of year for us students. Sure, the holiday break is approaching, but first we have to overcome final exams…dun dun dunnnn! Needless to say, I am one big ball of stress. I’m trying to write a few papers, prepare for exams, and scrape together some $ to get all my Christmas gifts for the fam. Hard to keep it all together!

For anyone else feeling the stress as the semester ends and the holidays approach, here are some stress management tips I’ve developed over the years:

1. Get Organized


I like to use this to do list to write down everything I need to do in the order it needs to be done.  Then I can just look at my list and take it one day at a time. If I don’t write it all down, I think about everything all the time, meaning I can never focus on one thing.

2. Set Aside Relaxation Time



Whether it is taking a long bath, lighting scented candles, or going for a run, it’s good to take a mental break every once in a while.

3. Do something you enjoy every day

long haired chihuaua

Only focusing on the activities that cause stress will just bring you to your breaking point.  For me, I play with my pups everyday no matter what.  Pets are proven stress reducers.  How can you not feel joyful and rejuvinated after one look at that cute face?

4. Talk About It



Keeping your stress all balled up just leads to a meltdown.


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