All Black Spring Fashion Sensation

This look would be absolutely perfect for this upcoming spring! We love the all black ensemble, especially since black is considered to be one of the most figure flattering colors. The pieces used are very chic and stylish. Spring isn’t the coldest month but the weather does become quite chilly, so an outfit like this would be great at keeping you warm but also having you look really fashionable as well. In the photograph above, the model is seen wearing a large black oversized sweater. Underneath the sweater is what seems to be a white button down. These two pieces mesh well together and we love the small peek of the button down featured towards the bottom.


The button down peeking out of the bottom creates a very casual look that we absolutely adore. Any button down can do along with any plain sweater as well. It’s a really cute idea to place the sweater on top of the button down and it helps creates a real trendy outfit. For bottoms we absolutely love the choice in leather skinny jeans. Two zippers are featured near the pockets, looking super chic. These jeans definitely give the look more of an edge and really polish the look quite nicely. The jeans are form fitting and flattering – a pair of leather jeans is a must have for sping. The versatility is endless as they will truly amp up any look. Leather pants can be purchased at H&M or Nordstrom. You’ll fall in love with the way these jeans will fit!



Now, one piece that contributed to the edgy vibe of this stylish look were these gorgeous over-the-knee suede boots. Throughout spring, over-the-knee socks, boots, etc. become extremely trendy and popular. These boots are perfect to give you some height while looking so chic and sultry. Over the knee boots can be worn with shorts or skirts and really help complete a look. Whether you want to purchase an over the knee boot with a heel or not is up to you, Boohoo and DSW carry a huge supply of over the knee boots that are very cute and affordable. Don’t forget a big gorgeous floppy hat as an accessory! Completing her all black look the model wore a beautiful black hat. Some gold pieces would look gorgeous placed into the ensemble but if you choose to keep the look clean than accessories can be optional.





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