Perfection in a Maxi Skirt

It’s photos like these that make us truly appreciate all that is fashion. Fashion can be taken all over the world and recreated and inspire just about anybody. The outfit is simple and casual, yet still manages to catch our attention just for that reason. What a perfect outfit whether you’re going to the beach, or going sightseeing in a foreign place. An ensemble like this one will manage to keep you feeling cool and comfy despite the scorching weather, but still so effortlessly chic. The infusion of two summer carefree pieces, tank tops and maxi skirts will have you looking outstanding and create a beautiful aura that will have people looking back as your walking. The black tank is a simple yet useful piece, we all know the rule black matches with everything, so of course it’s not a surprise that the black tank top went flawlessly with this olive colored skirt.


Whichever two colors you choose to incorporate into your look whether it is black and white or white and red a tank and a maxi will have you feeling naturally beautiful. The tank isn’t perfectly tucked in rather more tousled leaving a feeling of looking imperfectly perfect. The model wearing this laid back ensemble included a small black belt around the waistline of the skirt. Accentuating her waist and slightly polishing up her look the belt blends beautifully. A small belt in width would be your best option, nothing too chunky as it will rob the sense of unintentional styling making it appear more time spent. Although we love how casual the outfit is, if you wanted to be a little crafty and wear a pair of heels or wedges underneath is up to you.


Your maxi dress may cover well over your shoes so if you wanted to increase your height without others knowing it’ll be your little secret! But if you want the outfit to keep its simplicity a pair of comfortable and stylish sandals or flats will be perfect as well. Not much accessories were included except a few bracelets but if you’ve wanted to include some a few silver pieces would fit strikingly throughout the outfit. The model in the photograph had with her a gorgeously large tan clutch. The clutch is a beautiful color and is the perfect purse to carry throughout the day. Don’t forget if the sun is shining bright to include your favorite sunglasses into the mix!



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