A Minimalist’s Makeup Guide


I never seem to have enough time in the mornings to get all made up and I never have the energy in the evening to take all my makeup off. I just can’t do the foundation, powder, blush, etc routine. Plus, I don’t have the funds to buy a ton of fancy makeup. Instead, I have developed a four step makeup routine that is quick, cheap, and effective.

1. Lotion. Forget the foundation and all that stuff for everyday wear. It just clogs your pores anyway. Instead, I use Gold Bond. It’s not even specifically for faces, but I find it works best with the icky DC weather.

face lotion


2. Brow Gel. Use it on your eyebrows to make them more defined and use them on your lashes to make your lashes look longer.



3. Mascara. Though I don’t use much makeup on a daily basis, this is something I can’t skip. It adds that extra punch and makes you look more awake.



4. Lip balm. No need to be all fancy with lipstick. Lip balms come in all sorts of tints and are easy to reapply throughout the day.



Bing, bang, boom, and you’re out the door!

What’s your morning makeup routine?



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